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100% Organic Almond Milk, Made  On-Demand For You

✔️ No Artificial Flavouring 
✔️ No Preservatives 
✔️ Handcrafted in Malaysia

There are many reasons to love almond milk, but only one place to get the best and freshest supply.

Get the freshest supply of almond milk straight to your house. Lactose-free, fully organic, and sweetened by dates.


More Than 400 Bottles Sold in 2 Months!

"Amazing! This is way better than the Almond milk I bought off the grocery shelves at Jaya Grocer!"


More Than 400 Bottles Sold in 2 Months!

"Amazing! This is way better than the Almond milk I bought off the grocery shelves at Jaya Grocer!"


Why Almonds? Why Almond Milk

Many Malaysians are looking into having a healthier lifestyle with low-calorie, lactose-free alternatives.

Vegan Friendly

Vegans don't have to forgo milk thanks to the many different varieties available, with almond being one of the best versions available. No animal products, still plenty of nutrients. Now everyone can enjoy milk!


Lactose Free, Packed with Vitamins & Minerals

Love milk but you are lactose intolerant? Almond milk is lactose free and rich in vitamins D, E, and calcium, giving you all the nutrients you need for healthy bones and skin.

The best part? It's much lower in calories when compared to cow's milk too!

Goes Well With Anything

Want to add it into your coffee, Milo, chocolate, matcha?

No problem! Even better, it is not just vegan friendly, but even healthier!


Feedback & Reviews

Straight from the Source. Do checkout our Instagram for more reviews!

Almond Boy's milk was one of my go-tos when I was trying to lose weight, and it's the perfect thing to fill my tummy while leaving me satisfied. I really enjoyed this milk!


I love flavoured milk, especially chocolate, and knowing that Almond Boy uses only real ingredients for the chocolatey goodness allows me to indulge without feeling super guilty.


I just bought this to try it out (haven’t tried almond milk before). Then I realised I actually love it. Kudos to Almond Boy for turning me into an almond milk fan!



Proudly Made By Malaysian, In Malaysia.

It all started with the family member who was lactose-intolerant.

Hi, I'm Adrian. After coming back from San Francisco, Covid19 happened. I stayed at home and for once, I realised how half of my family are quite severely lactose-intolerant. 

That's when I started making almond milk. It was a staple food back in California, where vegan and healthy lifestyle is a culture.

That was how Almond Boy started, to bring comfort to my family.

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